Multipurpose Coop

We render useful services from credit to consumption goods and other resources to our members as well as to the society.

Saving culture made easy

Our flexibility builds a saving life style.

Easy access to Loan per time

Members now leverage on our seamless loan system.

Affordable and quality product

Leveraging on our relationship with Manufacturers.


Our transparency as leaders has grown us as a cooperative society

Fondly called
Regulated by the Government

Our membership has grown to hundreds since after creation, resulting to our financial growth in the industry. This has given us an edge and recognition over much co-operative societies in Nigeria. The Independent National Electoral Commission itself has been a drive to our growth. 

Our record is your
Processing of Financial records

Access to co-operative and individual records/statement.

Various platforms such as on-premise facility, Coop office annex, online medium have been established to provide members with society's information and products .

  • Detailed Personal Ledger and Quick loan 
  • Balance information of Account Heads
  • Frequent communication of Financial Status via SMS
  • Members Financial advice services.
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Service Delivery
MEMBER testimonial

The society is dedicated to meeting the needs and aspirations of her members. The interest of members is so paramount to the organization. 

Idowu Kazeem Member

The CMS has the interest of contributors at heart. Accessing loan is very easy and the payback mode is so simple. Very approachable Executive, I must say.

Omoju Oladayo. Member

The INEC Ekiti CMS as its popularly called by all has been a fortress to her members. It has ensured members live their dreams. It stands tall for her CREDIBILITY

Ilesanmi Adekunle S. Member
A line of experts